Eternal Honour Package

In times of loss, finding a meaningful way to honour & remember our loved ones is of utmost importance. Our Eternal Honour Package offers a beautiful & heartfelt solution that allows you to create a lasting tribute to your cherished family member or friend.

Included in this special package is a unique QR code linked to a dedicated memorial page. This page serves as a digital sanctuary, preserving essential details about the person who has passed, such as their name, age, date of birth, & passing. The heartfelt eulogy and their life story capture the essence of their journey, celebrating a life well-lived.

Beyond the individual's story, the memorial page also showcases the names of their beloved family members, offering a complete representation of their cherished legacy. We believe that celebrating the bonds of family is an essential part of honouring their memory.

As a special touch, the Eternal Honour Package allows you to add photos & videos, giving life to the cherished moments shared with your loved one. Additionally, a tribute page serves as a canvas for further personalization, allowing you to express your deepest feelings & fondest memories. The digital nature of the memorial page enables easy sharing on social media, providing an opportunity for friends & family to join together in remembering & celebrating the life of your loved one. Sharing stories & memories can bring solace and comfort during times of grief.

With Our Eternal Honour Package, you can find solace in creating a beautiful and lasting tribute that celebrates the cherished memories of your loved one. Let us support you during this difficult time, & honour their life with a tribute as timeless as their love.

*By purchasing this package you are agreeing to a monthly £3.99 hosting charge for your memorial page, if this monthly charge fails to be paid your memorial page will be suspended.