Celestial Legacy Package

We understand the significance of preserving precious memories and honouring the lives of our departed loved ones. Our Celestial Legacy Package offers a comprehensive and profound way to create a lasting tribute that transcends time.

Central to our Celestial Legacy Package is a personalized QR code linked to a celestial-themed memorial page. This page is a digital sanctuary, beautifully displaying essential details about your cherished family member or friend. From their name, age, and birth to passing dates, to a heartfelt eulogy, and their life journey – every element is thoughtfully included to celebrate a life well-lived.

Beyond the earthly realm, our Celestial Legacy Package uniquely highlights the celestial connection that our loved ones hold. Symbolic imagery and celestial motifs grace the memorial page, reminding us of the enduring bond we share with our departed.

As a special addition to the Celestial Legacy Package, we offer a detailed map leading to the gravestone location. This thoughtful inclusion helps friends and family find solace in visiting the final resting place, where they can honour and cherish the memories they shared.

The Celestial Legacy Package allows you to add cherished photos and videos, capturing the essence of the moments you shared with your loved one. Additionally, the tribute page provides a canvas for further personalization, giving you the opportunity to express your deepest emotions and fondest memories.

The digital nature of the celestial-themed memorial page enables easy sharing on social media platforms, uniting friends and family in a collective remembrance. Sharing stories and memories have the power to bring comfort and solace during times of grief, fostering a sense of togetherness in celebrating a life well-lived.

With Our Celestial Legacy Package, you can find peace in creating a profoundly meaningful tribute that celebrates the celestial connection and eternal memories of your beloved. Let us support you during this time of remembrance and celebrate a legacy as timeless as the stars above.

*By purchasing this package you are agreeing to a monthly £3.99 hosting charge for your memorial page, if this monthly charge fails to be paid your memorial page will be suspended.